One of my ego’s most insidious tactics is to be accepting of others’ weaknesses and in turn, unthinkingly accept my own weakness (not an excuse for self-flagellation, btw).  But it has always been the case that I must forgive others (as much as is practically acceptable) while mercilessly driving myself to greater heights.

In fact, being forgiving of others is one of those ways in which I drive myself to keep going higher.  


17 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Ultimately achievement is the same as failure. Stars fade. All one has is the knowledge that one gave it their best shot and did everything they could. Loving others and accepting them for what they are is part of that.

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  2. Hmm, I have a similar experience. I am forgiving of others flaws, but at the same time look within myself to make sure I’m not making the same mistakes. The Dalai Lama teaches us to love our enemies because they are our greatest teachers. They offer us unprecedented opportunities to practice our patience.

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  3. Your phrase ‘as much as is practically acceptable’ is probably the truest thing I have ever read about forgiveness. No one talks about those instances when you can’t forgive what someone has done. There are not many, but they exist. I also understand I am nowhere near perfect and remember that when another is in need of forgiveness. Whether that includes allowing that person to stay in your life or leaving them behind depends on the situation.

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    • Well we only have so much energy and resources, and we can’t hand it out because we feel like it; that’s not quite as, but nearly as egoic as being miserly. We also have these limitations of body for a reason, so I like to see it as a game to see how to best fit the limitations to my dreams! 🙂

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