Given what the evidence seems to be telling us—that we are brief dots in an incalculably vast canvas—the idea of “practicality” seems to fall away.  But to me this is not an excuse to wallow in wide-eyed wonder, because there are still bills to pay, still goals to accomplish.  To me this simply means that while we put our best foot forward, we enjoy ourselves as much as humanly possible, because why the hell not?


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I think Stephen Covey got it right when he described our ‘sphere of influence’. If some situation exists outside the sphere, we can either ignore it (because we can’t make any difference to it), or we can strive to increase our sphere, make it encompassing. That second option is about personal growth, but growth in a context that is personally meaningful. Enjoyment, awe, wonder – these and many more are meaningful for most of us.

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