I suspect that the reason for being trapped in a body, and for only being able to perceive a one-way flow of time, are the same reasons I sit in class or a movie theater:  

To learn and to be entertained.  


14 thoughts on “Musings

    • Or it’s just a matter of time…if there’s any reason I’d lean towards reincarnation, it wouldn’t be for any lofty notions, but for the simple fact that it would allow for fairness and just desserts over the span of time, haha!

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  1. Reasons within, some say without. As perceptions begin, reality I doubt. Do not think me muddled, as even superb minds can seem befuddled. Our existence is merely
    chemical reaction, with our synapses in action. In short, it is not real, everything, yes everything we feel. But maybe I am muddled, or my mind merely troubled.

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