Rather than focusing on deification/vilification, I find it more productive to focus on what is effective and what is obsolete.


16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. An appropriate thought for our current political climate and all of the fallout / whining / gloating / general assholery that has ensued. Don’t forget to focus on the cutting out of an opponent’s legs. This keeps me busy AND productive in these trying times.

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      • Or, with just about everyone doing it, does it all become white noise? I don’t know the answer to that very leading question, but it probably indicates how I feel. I love to blog, and I love the connection I have with probably four or five people, and I love the fact that something like 30 people are now following it, but the genuine interactions / connections I get are few and far between. I doubt I am heard by a very large audience. I love the freedom, but it does feel equivalent to my shouting my opinions from the edge of a forest; maybe that guy in the hut nearby can hear me, and maybe he tells his dog, but not too many other folks around to hear it.

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