Doing your best doesn’t necessarily mean you must suffer, but it DOES mean that if suffering is required, that you will gladly embrace its bitter lessons.  

This will differentiate you from the dabbler, who is only willing to be taught in the most pleasant of circumstances.  


16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Hi Kent, just wanted to say you are still an inspiration to me. After 6 months of doing a massive piece of litigation for someone i’m back doing the stuff and reading the stuff and everyday i was busy i read your virtuoso takes on the zeitgeist, the motivation and man it is a level of engagement that i hadn’t personally considered possible or feasible. The written word lured me here and i damn well wish i had a military background sometimes. i hope you understand i am saying you are showing people what they can achieve. Rock on. (Who does your book covers ? They are sensational.)

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    • Thank You So Much Peter! Just went through a divorce myself (probably not nearly as painful as litigation as my divorce was a long time coming and I was very happy with the process and outcome), but keep at it man! And you’ve got things in your background that allow you to tap realms I’d have to spend a LOT of time thinking through, so don’t fret the military stuff. Once again, thanks for the compliment! Your motivation keeps ME motivated! My first two covers were done by elsbro on fiverr, then the others by emilianohc. Fair warning: You have to micromanage a bit with composition and design, as they have the skill to put your vision into place, but of course, the vision must come from you. Good luck with your writing adventures! 🙂


      • Thank you man. I had to get an idea out of my system which was a bit weird , it was sci fi but an unusual flavour. i was going for mystery. The story is called “Stay” and i would be honored if you could give it a quick read (10 pages). I wanted to combine the blandest suburban stuff with the mystery of the sci fi journey. It took 2 days, and now I’m on a new one (one day hiatus) but i feel…well I read this somewhere maybe you read it to, but there was an artist trying to explain his daily efforts and he said something like “You have the Grand vision , the gian gold bhudda inside the temple, but every day you’re really just carving small bhudda’s, but you keep at it and eventually you create that temple. ” I think I’m at that pOint at the moment and I’m not afraid to write and seem ridiculous, it’s work for the love of it, the possibilities , the journey all that. I’m sorry about the divorce i went though one 15 years ago and it took time to recover. i was litigating for a client who hadn’t been paid by a builder (it was a big building!) and it become all consuming, if he lost, he would have lost his home ..he’s 70. A good man. I charged him 50 bucks an hour and worked like a dog , he had run out of options so i get the call (i only handle the odd private contract case , or advise pro bono…you know it’s about helping really, knowledge is not a commodity etc..) any way big trial , we won but it was stressful as i got to know him and his family , you get the picture …anyway to be free to write for oneself is a gift. Now I’m going to make a point because i know you inspire a lot of people , but what I’m saying is, it’s the consistency of your output that i find staggering. It all good. I don’t know what your next literary “cycle” will be but I think you’re a master. I also think more people will share that opinion as time goes on. At this point i am still searching for a tone or a voice that’s accurate and interesting. But sci fi is the field of my dreams now…took a long time to realise it, but its the location of all possible and impossible things, and by its very nature it encourages its practitioners to permit themselves to be visionary (clumsily maybe) but there is a freedom that is like nothing else. With great respect ,peter

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      • Thanks Peter! We’ll see about that “master” status, haha! Right now the goal is to generate a portfolio and hopefully make enough to live on writing. BTW, I tried to view your blog and check your story out…it was a protected blog so I left a request to view it. Is there a direct link to read Stay?


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