It’s not simply about getting back up when you’re knocked down; endlessly repeating that  makes you a punching bag that’s cracked and split at the seams.  It’s about that beautiful moment of possibility after you get hit…that moment where you’re charged with momentum and you can use it to regain the upper hand.  

That moment can be fun as hell.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Could you go in depth with that moment a bit more? As one who is also getting sick and tired of getting repeatedly knocked the fuck out, pulverized to oblivion…(think I’m on my way, fall hard, despair, eventually build momentum again, fall hard, rinse repeat…damn I get tired of this cycle)…the only thing that really keeps me warm is Batman Begins “Why Do We Fall Bruce?”

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    • Sure. Once I realized that toughness was only relevant in the sense that it facilitated performance, I began examining my habits and patterns to try and perform rather than validate how tough I was. So yes, in imminent danger, an unthinking counterattack is usually the correct response. But in adverse times, I believe it’s possible to start training yourself to not just stay calm, but immediately observe what resources you have on hand, use creativity to cycle through a quick list of practical applications with said resources, and implement a solution that breaks from the pattern of “just tough it out.” Those moments are chances to hone this ability. Recognize context, catalogue resources, and aggress with the best solution that you’ve trained your creativity to perceive

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