Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Deep in meditation.  I’m drifting through the imaginal ether, dreaming up story ideas, when suddenly I’m beset by the thought-forms of my nerdy-ass English professors.  They’re holding glimmering red markers, ready to slash apart my creative instantiations.  “Your ass is OURS, Kent.  You think we’re gonna let you get away with writing some Action Jackson face-punching and combining it with deep socioeconomic commentary?  Not a chance—it’s one or the other.  We’re going to cut apart any idea you materialize right here, before you can store it for later.”  I grit my teeth and open my eReader to Echo.  Magic flash.  A torrent of cyborg velociraptors pours from my eReader screen and begins rending my professors apart in a gory cyclone of teeth and claws.  One of the dinos sprouts wicked-looking barbed genitals and chases the remaining nerds.  The professors scream and flee while running backwards, too afraid to expose their poop chutes.  It’s all just a dream, right?  😉

Pedantic nerds trying to interrupt your astral idea-fishing?  Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on Kindle. Links for Vol.2 on Smashwords/Nook/iBooks/Kobo are available here:  Echo on other platform 


3 thoughts on “Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

    • First off, Thank You So MUCH for reading volume 1! The story will be four volumes. Currently working on vol.3 right now. Sorry vol.1 was on the shorter side, I wanted to see how people would like the premises and if I had the chops to actually write something people would enjoy, so following volumes will be regular length. So four volumes, and then on to my next project! 🙂


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