I “followed my heart” long enough to realize that I’m an infinitely loved dream that slowly disappears as the dreamer wakes from a pleasant nap.

8 thoughts on “Musings

      • rofl if I took offence, I would not state it so loud and proud….. Hey guys, for those that love emo masterpieces of poetry to help relinquish the suffering you battle to express, check out my blog!! (exposure is exposure, even if negative right? hahaha) I have a poem to share with you Mr Buddha-kun… I will post it on Wednesday next week, it’s called “State of Being” and it’s what happens when you let ego and emo reign unchecked. I actually think you would enjoy it and am willing to bet on that (not money)… heh

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  1. lol. My realization for the week is somewhat similar: SLEEP IS GOOD. Why have I forsaken you for so long, sleep? I am only now just accepting that maybe, just maybe, I need a little more sleep. THEN I can get back to work. Thanks for the reminder.

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