The evidence shows that if my logic sucks, it becomes extremely hard to navigate existence…

Which ironically seems to spring from illogical phenomena.


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. hahaha! Have you read any of the buddhist texts referring to how all things inherently lack existence in them… It’s the best thing to do if you’re bored and looking for a little bit of a mind bender on a Sunday afternoon 😀

    Takes a look at the causes and conditions that constantly bring new ‘nows’ into being. When you understand that all that is right now could not have arisen from itself, from something outside of itself, could not have arisen from both or absolutely nothing, that everything is co-dependant and can’t exist without anything else… You start to ask “What is REAL?” These wise sages will say emptiness is .. I just like that calm feeling I get after acknowledging the logic lol

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