Casual acceptance of ignorance will transform the psyche into a dull bludgeon, while the aggressive pursuit of precision will lead to a finely bladed mind.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I have been checking out your posts when I have time and I love most of what you have to say!

    IMO ignorance is mostly the problem on planet Earth. It leaves people with a convenient little space of mind that allows them to insert whatever they want to and ultimately reap the karma that sows… One can’t escape ignorance, but one can be aware that we are all ignorant in some regard. As you say, one can become more precise, shaping our minds and developing ourselves ever further to no specific destination. Perhaps the dullness of our ignorance will be sharpened and shined until we are left with a clean blade of truth, the mind that is empty, radiant and can slice through everyday demons of ignorance along our merry way…

    I am going to comment more often on your blog, you better watch out now! lol Thanks for the post sir

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    • Indeed, allowing for ignorance keeps us humble. Some people fall into the trap of trying to mitigate all ignorance through too much political correctness or paralysis through analysis, but part of being aware, ironically, is being aware that 100% of the information will never be available, and that one needs to be comfortable handling risk and intuition. Thank YOU Miss! 🙂

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