IMHO, there is usually not an immediate need to be skillful, but there is always a need to understand HOW TO BECOME skillful.  That requires a willingness to ditch old identities, and be as brutally objective and self-honest as possible.


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Very true.
    Over the past few months the old ‘Writing in a bubble. Pseudo-Rugged Individualist’ has been told to move out of the conscious and find a place in the sub-conscious where he can be free to invent quirky sub-plots for consideration. He took it quite well, he said he’d been fed up of point duty anyway.

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  2. Self-honesty is both challenging and worthwhile. The word ‘brutally’ shows intent to be clear but may lead to some sort of ‘masochistic distortion’ — as I overwhelm my self with harsh emotions in my journey of self-discovery. I’d prefer the words ‘fearless clarity’ to somehow replace ‘brutally’ and allow an element of loving-myself to temper my discoveries with a touch of gentle acceptance, even from within.

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    • Whatever works! Either of our phrases can be twisted into nonfunctional philosophies. I see your point though; I’ve seen many people replace taking responsibility with self-flagellation. What I do is I like to give an approach a few months of honest effort, then reassess and adjust. Perhaps in a few months I’ll be using YOUR phrase, haha! 😉

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