Yeah I’m inclined to believe in magic/miracles, but not through rejection of logic.  Nor am I one of those who fixes their hopes solely on structure.  To me it is the discipline and audacity that matters; the constant practice of oiling and sharpening my mind enables me to cut both ways and collapse myself into an infinite wholeness.


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I so agree with you on the importance of oiling and sharpening your mind. I have been writing for a long time which does exercise your mind but I was unable to fully express my interest in news and current affairs as I didn’t have enough people to discuss it with. Since the EU referendum in the UK this has all changed as I’ve got much more involved in politics and am now surrounded by people who are interested in it. My great fear in life is dementia so I also want to investigate other ways of exercising and preserving my brain.

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    • That’s awesome! Nutrition and brain health is an interest of mine as well! I just got genetic testing done which will let me know whether I have the APOE4 allele that blocks the natural mechanisms of the brain to remove plaque and greatly increases one’s chance of Alzheimer’s. (one allele increases the chances threefold, two alleles increase it to a chance of like 50%, and the odds magnify depending on hits to the head). I also supplement diligently to keep inflammation down. Good luck with your blog!!! 🙂


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