IMHO, “Spiritual,” “wise,” “holy,” and “moral”…are all illusory and imperfect concepts that point to some nameless thing thing we already know at the deepest levels.  


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree, but even the imperfect conceptualization provides value. For me, in naming those things I find “Spiritual”, “wise”, “holy” or “moral” helps me make them real and concrete and some idea I can act on. Without that concept to hold onto, they remain ethereal ideas – full of meaning and lacking substance.

    I am a really concrete guy.

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    • I am as well! I follow a life of discipline and structure, and yet that has been my weakness in the past; I’ve become enamored of old routines that get me hurt or keep me from advancing. To connect to your point, I believe that every definition is useful at some juncture, and we must use it to build the awareness to know when to utilize new definitions and structures. Tricky, but that’s life, and it can be made into a fun game IMHO, haha!

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