IMHO, the best/worst/most dangerous/uplifting illusion of all is that there is such a thing as an exalted state—that there is such a thing as a “savior,” or “enlightenment,” or “sainthood,” or any such label.  Because in order for us to become that illusion, I believe that we must realize that it is exactly that:  An illusion.  We become it by exalting everything or nothing…and seeing that there is only [that illusion] everywhere.  

All the time.  😉


4 thoughts on “Musings

    • I guess my main point is that while venerating and putting things on a pedestal may be initially useful, we have to become our own masters. IMHO, the definition of illusion is subjective and can be adjusted to enhance our functionality. And while this is entirely speculative, I believe that the concentration and development of attempting fulfillment and self-knowledge is one of our purposes as we evolve from animal to…something. I believe we should always be trying to hone and refine ourselves, but once again, all subjective. 🙂


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