Who knows the purpose (if there is one at all) behind why our bodies deteriorate and fall into entropy?  Personally I see it as an opportunity to bring the best of myself to the process, move on, and do it again while letting the bad stuff slough off.  

Patton mentioned that all glory is fleeting…but the same, IMHO, applies for suffering.  😉


9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. So true.
    As I pass my 65th year, I have one skewed history of ‘These Isles’ (UK + Ireland) and a series of at least three fantasy novels to complete. I may re-visit the three previous badly put together novels; and oh yeh I have WWII; The Waterloo Campaign, Gettysburg and The War of the Spanish Succession to fight as Board Games and learn how the USN operated in the Pacific in WWII.
    So ‘they’ are going to have to wait; I’m too busy down here right now, and despite all efforts(unintentional) to the contrary my family still wants me to stay too!
    This body can entropy, but it still has to keep up with my mind!

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    • Wow, just WWII is rich rich RICH with themes and human theory…you’re playing with a pretty impressive gameboard! I gotta believe that everything has a net positive effect in the end, so I wish you the best Woebegone; I’m sure that once your matters are settled you’ll keep plugging! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      • Then you’ve played life fairly well sir! Ironically, I’ve observed those without hobbies AND those at the top of their respective fields to start becoming undone because of the lack of challenge. I believe it’s important to always have an “escape plan” if you will, to keep the mind occupied and the spirit engaged. The whole point of wealth, to me anyways, is that you get more say in the matter of what you keep yourself occupied with. Good luck! 🙂

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