Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

(Disclaimer:  I have encountered many amazing hicks, and IMHO, the best fighters I’ve seen in the military tend to be hicks.  That being said…)  HICK CANNIBALS!!!  Chasing me down, licking their lips over thick, Duck Dynasty beard-staches.  They’re coming at me with big-ass K-bars and just-as-big dildos (have no idea what they’re for, and I don’t want to know).  In desperation, I open my eReader to Echo.  Magic flash.  Intricate strains of Mozart fill the air, and holograms of Michael Caine and Neil Degrasse Tyson appear behind me.  The hicks stop, confused.  Caine begins lecturing them on the history of Western civilization while Neil goes into a complicated discussion of quantum physics.  The hicks dropped to their knees and clutch their heads, screaming, “TOO.  MUCH.  CULTURE!”  Their skulls explode in a voluminous, soppy mess, and I breathe a sigh of relief.  I sit down and enjoy the music.

Outgunned and in the backwoods?  Don’t fall victim to beard-staches or nonconsensual buttplay.  Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on Kindle.


14 thoughts on “Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

      • Important rules:
        1. Never try and engage a group of them in conversation unless invited to do so; the chances of understanding them will be difficult and they get easily annoyed.
        2. Never agree with anything they say, unless you can half-understand what they say. You never know what you’re letting yourself in for.
        3. Avoid picturesque remote communities which do not have any official government presence or a good phone signal.
        4. When in doubt say ‘Rare weather for the time of year, do you think?’ This will start a discussion about an event with took place at least a decade ago and an argument about the exact date, the extent of the devastation and who did what giving you the chance to slip away.
        5. Never call Scots, Welsh or Irish ‘British’ it will get you disliked. Worse if you call them English, the embassy will be called in because the local police will have arrested you for starting a riot.
        Other than that you should be ok; most of the time.
        (Oh PS: Never accept an arm wrestling challenge from a local woman no matter how slight she looks….it’s a set up!)

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  1. Ahah I love your style!!! In fact I chose your post for my personal challenge of English improvement: I took some of the words of your post (the ones I don’t know or I don’t usually use) to make one of mine.
    I’d really love if you could take a look and see my mistakes as I think you write very very good! I of course shared your post too. If you like you can find my post here:
    Any corrections you want to make me, if you like of course, will be super accepted as I’d love one day to have a style good and funny and smart as yours.

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    • Okay I skimmed it briefly and you have some good rich stuff in there! I like the subtle link of commercial development as being something that idiots make their religion. Rabid, fighting workmen destroying the earth; your ability to tolerate it but not enjoy it…all thematically rich stuff. Some of the flow is a bit off (and that’s subjective; flow is a result of loooong hours editing and will always be picked at by at least one reader). Specific example: the chief being a cowherd ready to release the dog. I understand that he’s being kind of an overbearing prick, but I feel it could be delivered more concisely, although I see that you are trying for a certain tone. Just my opinion, but I think there’d be a way to preserve the tone and create more conciseness. As it is, I feel my mind has to navigate a few too many turns to get the meaning of that phrase, and in the turns, I lose the momentum that conciseness would bring to your description. Anyways, great stuff! I don’t want to pick at everything; you’re developing your own style and there is rich themes at work here. More editing to make it tidy, but really good work!!! Keep plugging away! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      • Wow I really enjoyed your comment!!! Thank you very much for taking time for my text. Yes I’m sure I need to understand the flow of english as it’s a language I “learnt” and used for work, but never “lived”. That’s why I was so impressed by your post. About the chief-cowerd example, thank you very much, I can’t really feel the lack of conciseness right now but I understand your sensation reading it and I’ll take it as a beacon to build my english awareness. I think in that case it is because of an Italian construction of the phrase. If Spanish is the language of my heart and Italian my motherlanguage, Englishhas a strength and a conciseness that help me a lot focusing my thought and that is because I need to learn it perfectly. So, 100 thank you’s for your help and your commentary, we’ll keep in touch here, and I’ll read you to learn more to “feel” english. 🙂

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      • Absolutely! Once again, my perspective may not be right, it’s simply an opinion. It’s only when you get the input of a bunch of people that you can start gauging what the mass consensus is. I, for example, am not really entertained by Harry Potter. But look at the proof; obviously there’s a lot to those stories that touches a vast number of people. It becomes a tricky thing, and eventually, you just have to edit as much as possible, trust your heart, and put it out there. Good luck!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      • Yeah well I think your opinion matters to me more than the one of the mass. Sometimes you just read someone and you like it, you appreciate him, that’s what happened with your post. I’m not a writer in the end, I just like to write. My entire professional philosophy as a therapist is to wear masks, no be them (which was the topic of my first book too… how predictable eheh). So when I write I do it for myself and I can assure you the worse part is that I need to make myself like it! 😛 About Harry Potter I think the same about the first book (as the others I didn’t wanted to read them). I liked the two last movies though, I think it’s better to watch it than read it, but as I didn’t read all of them, I can’t be objective about it. But when it come to masses everyone knows opinion’s level go straight down the pit of despair (for the author) so I really don’t care too much (although, as everyone I love to be loved eheh but I can’t avoid it, not at the price of myself). If I were an author I’d love to see what people like though, as it is tremendously interesting and challenging to find a way to make your style and your writings to be liked without losing yourself in the process. I do that for my group meditations for instance… I do have my totally personal style and people like it, but in the end you have to meet masses’ interest to get a wider positive feedback otherwise you can be liked only by those who feel in a similar way as you do. So it’s all a negotiation between what you think is the best way (which sometimes is just an illusion of our ego, I know that) and what the mass think is the best way.
        So all of this just to say, thank you again, I found your opinion enlightening and keep your style that way because I loved it! Good luck to you too! 😉

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      • Thank You! It’s obvious that you care very much for upholding integrity to your principles in your approach! Personally, I’m hoping to become a full-time writer one day, and I’m trying to follow in S. King’s footsteps of focusing my writing for others, not that there’s anything wrong with writing for yourself! I believe that if you know yourself and explore deeply enough to the core of yourself that interconnects with others, that you can generate mass appeal that way as well. I used to get lost in books as a kid, so I’m trying to create writing that’ll reciprocate that for my readers. I have great admiration and respect for those who write for themselves, and I believe that that approach can generate mass appeal; I’m just not courageous enough to explore myself that deeply, haha! Awesome to interact with someone as positive as you! I’ll wish you what I wish all writers: Inspired drafting and insightful editing! 🙂

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      • Eheh thank you man! I love to interact this way with you too! When you talked about the Emo haters I was laghing as it’s true a lot of people try to snuff out your enthusiasm… while I really enjoy it. When someone is following a dream I thing he/she’s moving the world… so keep up the good work! 😉 I wish you to become the new S. King so one day I could say “well thanks to him I improved my english” eheheh

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