I’ve met many self-proclaimed “visionaries,” those who proclaim to be able to read people/structures or manipulate energies at an above average level.  I don’t pay them much mind unless they’re willing to test their theories by creating some kind of output that benefits themselves or others…IMHO, a visionary should be able to make their mentality a functional thing, and then be humble to enough to critically assess it and see if they can increase that functionality.  


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I am a visionary. I am able to instantly communicate across space and time – sometimes to numerous people at the same time!
    I think this ability could be useful to people all around the world. We could unify the world in a campaign to oppose tyranny.
    This is a test of my abilities. Please let me know if we communicate so that I can further perfect this technique.

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  2. I am a visionary. I have invented a time machine! I haven’t perfected it yet. So far I can only get it to go in one direction at a steady speed of 24 hours a day. I’m hoping to develop it further. Then I will go into the distant future and retrieve some aliens for you!

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  3. Heavens T’Betsy; that means at least half of the economists and most of the world financial successes are fakes….I did not realise. I am……………
    going to watch Megamind and Zootropolis and get over the shock.
    (exits muttering, shaking head in disbelief and resorting to British cure-all; a large mug of tea)

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