In order to consistently produce, I must become Procrastination’s worst nightmare.  There may be a day here or there where I’m overcome by events, but my general rule of thumb is that there should never be a week that goes by without significant progress.  

If progress isn’t made, then significant effort will suffice…SOMETIMES.  Better to just get it done.


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I feel you man.

    Although my problem isn’t so much the procrastination, but the available time I have. I work swing shifts, got three young kids, and well… more work. But next year when my holiday leave builds back up, I think I’m gonna be taking several days off every other month to boost up production, and count those days as my ‘authors work’ days.

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    • Man I respect that; I can’t say that I have nearly the same time commitments you have. I’m not trying to judge but hopefully uplift you with the next two anecdotes: Tolkein got a good amount of work done in trench warfare on (napkins or tissues, I believe?) and J.K. Rowling was able to pull it off as a single mom on welfare. I definitely believe in you man, and good luck on your journey!

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      • Indeed! I’ve found that the first task of creativity is ironically, not the project itself, but creatively hacking your time so you can actually ENGAGE in the project! Frustrating but necessary, much like bureaucracy and logistics must be done with passion and efficiency if you want to actually implement operations. (But yeah, nobody likes bureaucracy and logistics, haha!)


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