All models of reality rely on a core unprovable premise, which if proven false, would cause the entire model to be revamped.  (In biology for example, the “dogma of biology” is that DNA transcribes to RNA transcribes to protein; if that were proven false, then all subsequent theories would need reworking).  

So in light of unprovable premises, the importance of structure and logic becomes clear:  Logic and structure are for navigation and guidance, not for proselytization.


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Consider my brain on empty today. lol. I had to look up “proselytization”. Congrats on that.

    Political, Social, or religious conversion?

    The first one, well, the logic is used like a monkey waving a mallet.
    The second, well, they’re limited to complicated If->Then statements and deductive (most likely) cause and (most likely) effect.
    The third, what logic? Kudos to them for trying.

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  2. Consider me skeptical…or perhaps credulous. When I first read the statement I focused on the discussion of DNA and RNA. There is a significant body of research (and stack of Nobel prizes to go with it) that shows RNA transcribing DNA. Then I realized that the statement was merely using that example as an analogy – if our evidence of DNA and RNA were shown to be false we would have to rethink biology. The heart of the statement was about “reality”

    I am now left with the feeling I had in philosophy when I read one philosopher’s musings that the “outside world” was nothing more than a collection of my thoughts and ideas. Interesting but where is the value? Elon Musk mused that we could be in the Matrix already. Since my reality is governed by certain seemingly immutable physical laws, whether my perception of that reality is actual or simply a construct of my mind or someone else’s irrelevant.

    In my mind considerations of reality are akin to a fish’s concern with water – it’s great to swim and live in, and darn inconvenient if it goes missing.

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    • I’m the first to admit that I know nothing about biology aside from that anecdotal quote…haha! I guess the consideration of reality boils down to practical attitudes in everyday life. I find that much like NASA’s exploration of a seemingly impractical (in the immediate sense) pursuit, my consideration of reality yields different benefits as I keep my focus on it throughout my life. I hope to take full advantage of the placebo effect, at the very least. I enjoy tossing around the meaninglessness of our pursuits while taking full enjoyment in each pursuit, if that makes any sense. IMHO contemplation of how meaningless stuff is naturally leads (me anyway) to how I should dive as deep as possible into it and enjoy it…and also enjoy the letting go of it. The constant reinforcement that mass is mostly empty space and things wink in and out of existence…well I use it to lower my stress level about someone being a jerk or staking my life’s hope on the next review of my book. I’m pretty sure, though, that such an approach requires a solid base of discipline. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to say, “If nothing matters, why try anything?” So, in short, I use contemplation of reality to direct myself into becoming more effective and stressing out less about trivial things. Hope that explains it! 🙂

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