All that hardass warrior stuff is great; it’s necessary to get stuff done, perform on time, push yourself, and be able to walk the walk.  But so many of us glory in its grim elitism and go no further.  IMHO that mentality is a means, not an end; it’s a tool you use with all the other tools so that you can jam with [something] that puts “warrior”—or ANY label—to shame.  

(That [something] is best understood when it remains nameless 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. To me the mean we want to use to travel through life is really important cause we all know the end and it’s the same for everyone.

    In my opinion the travel is far more important than the destination.

    The thing about the way we want to lead our life is that its personal.

    I agree with you, trying to make it sound like a brand or the better and only way to look down and deal with other people seems a bit of a joke.

    Even though it’s quite common nowadays as marketing turned Gandhi into a slogan, che guevara into a t shirt, Hitler into the bogeyman, and the “last” so called “rebels” are rapping in big villas surrounded by big cars and bitches…

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