Over the years, the motivational phrase, “How bad do you want it?” has changed in my mind to,“How willing are you to humble yourself and expose the depths of your ignorance?”  While early results may initially be obtained by sheer desire, I believe that that approach will inevitably plateau.  To keep progressing, we must look inward and dissolve conceptual blockages and biases that, most of the time, we wouldn’t even notice if we decided not to look.

 The process is painful, but IMHO, the reward is BEYOND magnificent.  😉


9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Is it a cute shark I can pat at the aquarium or is it going to maul me and eat up all the pieces if I get in the water? By the way nice replies are not going to get rid of me. Try “Stop writing stupid things on my blog, idiot!” I might listen!

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