Astronaut Chris Hadfield wryly points out, “people want to believe stuff, but they don’t want to try and understand it.”  There’s an important implication here:  the FUN of knowledge is in trying to understand!  When it’s relegated to blind belief then it becomes dead and dogmatic; it’s only when we pursue its never-attainable completion that we get to continuously revel in discovery. 😆


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  1. omg, I totally agree with that
    and it’s something I’ve been saying for a while now.
    a lot of the problems we have today is a result of this. so many groups, especially religious groups, care more about following rules and belief blindly. Instead of trying to actually ponder the meanings, ideals, repercussions, etc, they just accept whatever bs is thrown down their throats. I feel like if they would actually stop and reflect on their chosen beliefs (whether political, social, religious, etc), they’d start to see what may or may not work, how others are corrupting beautiful things, or even that they understood it wrong. One big example is religion. Cause you have all these bigots claiming war in the name of their religion when in fact their religion is completely against their senseless violence. It’s almost frustrating to see the lack of human curiosity in so many people.

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    • Agree agree and agree again! And I think if you look at these founders of religion by and large they were rebels…and they were saying the same thing a lot of the time: Look deep into the message so you can keep the actual message alive rather than just the deadened words.

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    • Also as I believe everyone has their own custom path towards evolution, I believe that some need to wallow in ignorance in order to later appreciate truth. And yep, by default I have to believe in reincarnation given that premise because otherwise, it’d be too depressing seeing as how many die in horror and desperation.

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    • Thank you for the reblog! And yes, I believe it is human nature; from an evolutionary perspective if we have our basic needs fulfilled then it doesn’t make sense to risk them, right? But as we make this transition from animal to….something, I believe we must actively enhance our capabilities! Thanks! 🙂

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