It’s ironic that so many of us think we need a “cause” or a “mission” to draw a sense of energy and purpose…I believe that when we forgo all desire for causes and missions that we stumble upon the greatest “cause/mission” of all:  To love freely, to laugh with abandon, and to enjoy creating and dreaming.  Fully engaging in those activities without needing a “cause/mission” is more energizing than any flag, any book, any banner, or any symbol could be.  (I suspect that said activities transcend the concept of “energy” itself, because for “energy” to exist, there must be two states:  energized and non-energized.  Those activities are free of duality, IMHO, and are at their immaculate core, inexhaustible)

And if you want, you can call those timeless activities “causes” or “missions,” but I think the more appropriate label for them is An Unending Play. 😃  


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Are you speaking from experience or theory? This musing looks powerful (lol…not to say your other ones *aren’t*). Your “forgo all desire for causes and missions” sounds like an interesting/scary idea for me to contemplate…

    I guess one of those things I haven’t quite gotten around yet is theater/film/stories. How do you have them without “causes or missions?” Is a passion for them in some way preventing me from creating?

    And I guess the other one is structure. Discipline and…the other thing you mentioned in a diff. musing? (discipline and critical thinking…I found it). Do causes and missions help create structure?

    You have a lot of good shit.

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    • Thank you for the compliment! I’ve seen many people fall apart when they are given a plethora of time, luxury, money, or any combination of the three. Nonreliance on a cause to me is simply a sanity preservation mechanism. It seems that people reliably start going a little nutty once they reach the top of their game. Artists, elite military, CEOs…I believe that one should always have something to do just because it has a propensity to challenge them to grow and hopefully puts them in a flow state. Causes and missions are good intermediary steps that keep one from drifting into an unfulfilling, nonproductive lifestyle, but those times when no one’s telling you what to do, when there is no external pressure to create…that’s when you hone your INTERNAL motivation to do things, and I think that that will carry over into any environment, whereas being able to perform solely cos of external pressure is a system doomed to fail—I’ve seen people who either fall apart without a cause, or begin aimlessly leaping from one organization to another, seeking an authority to tell them what to do. I like to see that a guy will apply himself without anyone telling him what to do or without any ideal in mind, simply because he likes applying himself, and also because he realizes he’d go crazy if he didn’t. I believe this is the base behavior of polymaths who master multiple skills—Da Vinci, Musashi—and it is a worldview I seek to express through my actions. Caveat: Polymaths focus on one thing at a time, it seems, then move on the next. But they always strive to fill their lives with flow state, challenge, and growth. Just my opinion.

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      • Fair enough. What I took from your paragraph was maybe my misunderstanding that causes or missions couldn’t be “internal.” Because yeah, the external will definitely collapse around you if you rely on it.

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