There is no “stepping outside” or “detachedly observing” anything; that’s like being the prudish kid at the party who tries to look cool by bobbing his head in the corner.  Conversely, we know the dangers of obsessively identifying with any singular aspect; those are the drunk idiots obsessed with being the center of attention.  What it’s really about is being able to utterly commit…and then letting go.  It’s about becoming an expression of pure joy—one that flits from position to position, one that morphs into a perfect key for every lock.  

Why do you think [Dancing] has been a sacred ritual since the beginning of time?  😉


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Like I tell my girls, there is nothing more pathetic that the eye rolling, too-cool for this, half baked performance given by many adolescents & young adults. Do it, don’t do it I don’t care but if you do it do it properly, they are so busy trying not to look like toddlers they look like stupid kids. Real performers are quite happy to act stupid or whatever is required; you laugh with them.

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