Are there “rules?”  Absolutely.  But the catch is:  Every one of us has our own set, and we have to discover them for ourselves.  And once we do that?  Well we create another set of rules for ourselves that lets us be MORE authentic, and MORE expressive…and then we do it again.  And again.  And again…

And once that process has become second nature, we’ve become our own masters. 😉


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. But whose to say that reality has an objective set of laws? The placebo effect, after all, is a documented phenomenon. Perhaps at the most fractal level of reality, where particles wink in and of existence as if by magic, it will become clear that our rules are what we make them to be. 😉


  2. I disagree. I think we put up all rules at the beginning of our existence, as save guidelines for our personality. as we progress through our existence, we begin to discard some rules we break, while keeping others, and then discarding the other we don’t need either. I think it’s a nice philosophical point, good for a great discussion though.

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    • I disagree with the fact that you disagree. 😉 My musing here basically says that rules are temporary creations that we use as guidelines and waypoints to get to where we need to go. Should we extrapolate both our viewpoints into the underlying philosophies, I think we arrive at the same destination. 🙂

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