Never dismiss editing.  If [writing] is like a katana, then drafting is like the initial forging that gives the weapon its weight.  The EDITING, however; the editing is like the endless refolding that follows.  Correct editing will fashion your words into a sharpened edge, able to easily slice apart ignorance and falsity.  The willingness to edit will separate a writer from a drafter.  

(In fact, I think this could be applied to anything, not just writing.)  😉


7 thoughts on “Musings

    • My opinion is that when it reads smoothly and you only find tiny stuff to pick at then it’s ready. Of course there is that once in a blue moon moment where you edit a chapter and there’s nothing to pick at…but I look at it the next day and bam! Something’s there.

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  1. It’s very true that “editing” transcends writing: one that edits their (over)reactions to circumstances around them portrays themselves as a more refined individual. Likewise, one that edits the frivolity of their path in pursuit of goals usually reaches said goals in a more timely fashion than someone who chooses to twist and turn in high-grass fields without clarity of vision, both literally and figuratively. Editing, in its repetitive discipline, is akin to the refining of precious metals through use of heat and the scraping away of impurities. Editing removes impurities that compromise the integrity of the item (the writing, the metal, the individual, etc.), and allows the finished product to shine with unmatched brilliance. As you stated, “never dismiss editing”.

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