What does it mean to “do your best?”  Most of the time I’ve seen it interpreted as an unthinking brute effort, but what I’ve come to suspect it REALLY means is to mercilessly challenge yourself…to always seek out new and uncomfortable methods of accomplishment, even at the cost of reducing short-term performance.  It is easy to exhaust yourself in an egoic spurt of effort; it is harder to embrace doubt, risk, and ultimately, to grow.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. It’s unfortunate that a lot of the reward system built into many careers values the brute-force and burn out approach rather than the thoughtful and scalable approach. The desire to keep the shareholders happy is permeating even our personal lives.

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  2. Bravo for identifying a gift of thinking different. In trying the different, we exit our comfort zone and move into areas of growth. Does it always mean success (as defined by our culture)?No. But, we are more than we would have been for having tried.

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