We got one shot at life for sure, right?  We haven’t conclusively proven anything beyond that, but for that one shot, I say the secret is knowing yourself.  

What am I willing to do at any cost?  And by the same measure—what am I NOT willing to pass up no matter what?  (And, of course, all the stuff in between).


3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I wonder if atheists treat life with more reverence because we know this is all there is? Personally, I believe in making the most of whatever talent is in my genes and living my beliefs. I know that sounds a bit odd, coming from an atheist, but every tenet of my ‘faith’ has been questioned with a blow torch. What’s left is what I truly believe in. If I can’t live by those beliefs then what has this brief spark of life been for?

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    • Well who’s to say who’s right, the atheists or their opposites? Who’s to say that this IS all there is or that the Universe wasn’t created a second ago with all evidence of a past fully intact? But yes, I agree with you in that the attitude that each moment is precious will facilitate a more fulfilling and beautifully lived life. 😉


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