IMHO, only 3 things are nondualistic/endless:  love laughter and dreams.  Everything else is a dualistic board game with its own set of rules.  Finance, war, magic, family operate under rules of logic, limited resource, change and intention, honor and loyalty…etc.  Each board game can be fun as hell…or we can be the guy that swears and throws a fit when he loses.  The reason spiritual masters caution against being attracted to special powers is not because they’re “evil,” but because they’re like Oculus Rift (or whatever’s the best nowadays)….once you play that game it’s too fun to stop.  

But whatever game you play, the secret to enjoying it is to realize that it’s just a game. 😄


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Is love not the biggest game of all? We offer attention and affection in exchange for the same or withhold it for … fun, malice, power? Every ‘I love you’ is a roll of the dice, you hope for ‘I love you too’ right? What a fun game!

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