Cliches aren’t meant to spoon-feed us knowledge; they’re meant to be dusted off, examined, and reiterated so we human mouthpieces can keep that wisdom fresh.  

THAT’S how we access timeless wisdom—not by adoring it, but by dancing and freestyling with it.  😀

8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Not all wisdom is really useful, though… for example, a strong person could prey on a weak person, but two people can also make a deal which benefits both, and carry it out in good faith.

    It might be more boring to watch the latter, but the focus on the former is part of what makes it hard to really change societies on a large scale.

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      • By your definition of wisdom, I totally agree.

        However, I have found that malicious intent can be applied with a systematic plan, and called wisdom; in that case, in my humble opinion, there is hard to the malicious one long before there is harm to the victim, and even if the victim escapes from their intent, but the aggressor often remains oblivious and will literally kill themselves in the pursuit of their destructive goal. To say nothing of how much damage they might cause. Some sources call this “wrathful wisdom”, e.g. “wisdom of war”, and so that is why I used a more loose definition of wisdom.

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      • A “wise” choice, haha! And don’t all definitions and words break down when try and codify what the “right” thing to do is, as it changes from circumstance from circumstance, era to era, and culture to culture? 😉

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