There is no competition; there is only doing your absolute, mind-melting best.

And loving every minute of it! Β πŸ˜€

15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Very good. I like to think of this in terms of writing (though it applies to all areas of life). My novel, Winter’s Bite, isn’t in competition with other books. People can enjoy my book AND your book and everyone wins. It’s not an either/or.

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      • Last week I listened to a speaker whose topic was Happiness. His point at the time was that many people look at rich folks and think “oh, look at that. I’ll bet they stepped on a lot of people/took advantage of a lot of people/cheated a lot of people to become rich.” And people look at the rich with disgust. He challenged his audience to try a different approach. Since we’re in the habit of making up stories that probably aren’t true anyway (such as how much of a jerk this guy had to be to become rich) try making up a fake story about how he’s rich because of all the people that he has helped. It’s just as true and false as the negative story, but while criticizing the rich makes you miserable, praising the fake story of how they became rich helps give you hope for humanity. I mean, why choose to be miserable when it’s just as easy to choose to be happy, right?

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      • Yeah! Compound that with the fact that we only live for a short period of time and that’s also barring accidents which can make it even shorter…why not find every excuse to be happy and loving? πŸ™‚

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