I often hear tough talk and breezy bravado when it comes to embracing suffering, but I’ve never seen that arrogant swagger hold up in the face of grinding agony and maddening monotony.  The true meaning of embracing suffering is to keep at it until a breakthrough is achieved.

IMHO, when one can enjoy/apply oneself to uncomfortable or monotonous activities just the same as other activities, then a modicum of sainthood has been achieved.

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    Heroes aren’t made of stone; they’re people who kept going when it all seemed pointless. Strength does not come from without, but within. But read him first, he’s the original philosopher.

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  2. I agree with most aspects of your point but I personally tend to lean Taoist because there is a focus on balance and harmonization of opposites rather than a strict adherence to the 8 fold path…life naturally inflicts suffering..But if your overall point is diem carpe > carpe diem then I fully agree as the latter is a sign of being head-strong and strident…which is presupposed by a lack of depth in the awareness of the present.

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    • I believe we agree with each other on a fundamental level; the trickiness arises when we consider our different interpretations of balance/harmonization/detachment. In my opinion these concepts are far from static, and the truly detached/balanced/harmonized is capable of more than just abstaining, but is also able to plunge deeply into any given activity, but at the Universe’s will, turn away from it in a heartbeat.

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      • I also believe we agree on a fundamental level and probably quite a bit on other levels too…after all..there really isn’t too much that differentiates Taoism philosophically from Buddhism. Religious rituals are different but I personally subscribe to the philosophy and try to apply it practically in every day life rather than detach. I do detach and I do abstain but the balance in my life is quite intricate and filled with nuance. A lot of meta/micro stuff.

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  3. defenceless and overlooked or picked on you can’t be bravado about suffering because all that is covering the truth of pain or fear. As a child of seven I leant it was best to believe that somewhere in the future you are not suffering, struggling or whatever. So from that place you work to bring yourself out because in your gut you know all events pass and the whatever you project firmly with belief becomes your reality. To realise that not all moments are filled in pain and suffering and expand those in your mind so they Pop the horrible moments. Those are the mind games I played. Once you decide death is not something to be scared of becomes new life comes from it. Suffering begins to have meaning for you must belief the strength of your ‘Self’ is revealed. It brings on change that impacts others too.

    Sorry about the rant. You don’t have to authorise it.

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