4th Review: Echo Volume 2—5 FRIGGIN STARS!!!

BY LARRY DAVID’S LOQUACIOUS LACK OF TACT!!!  F.T. MCKINSTRY (Check her site at ftmckinstry.com)left a fourth 5-star for Echo Volume 2 on Amazon/GoodReads!!! WHOOHOO!!!   THANK YOU!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s the review:  “Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter, introduced an elite soldier named Atriya, a hero par excellence who lands into a bad situation in which he’s facing an impending battle with insurgents in a rough part of town, the Machiavellian collusion of his employers, and a growing sense of mental instability that comes with being basically sane in an insane world.

The Taste of Ashes picks up where that left off, on the brink of battle. And then it gets serious. Fascinatingly, this entire story takes place in one day. Tricked out with this author’s impressive, detailed array of speculative military technology, this book explodes into a long, intense rush of action, violence, gore and spectacular tech-enhanced feats that I found mesmerizing to the point of saturation. However, in addition to Atriya’s entertaining combination of confidence, honor and cynicism, there’s a clear goal with a lot at stake as he fights against impossible odds, a whiny partner, and commanders with plans to zero him the moment he outlives his usefulness.

Fortunately, Atriya is ultimately useful. This story takes some interesting and unexpected turns that reveal his character further and set the stage for the next book, in which he plans to embark on the most dangerous and challenging of the few thorny paths laid out for him. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with that.”


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