No proof, but I absolutely, 100% believe in magic/miracles/providence.  But I have seen others use that same belief to kick back and either work less or perpetuate comfortable habits.  Here is where I differ from them:  I don’t subscribe to the idea that magic simply saves those who believe in it.  I believe that-not just hard work, but hard work outside of one’s comfort zone-is what invites that ineffable grace.  It is not enough to simply say you believe; diligence and effort must be paid to the Universe.  That’s when great things happen.

16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. The magic is to
    Believe that you have fulfilled your dream already and then you work back from that.
    Once you believe it
    is difficult not to see the signposts that help you achieve your goals everywhere. The problem I have is that I am quite blind…and miss them first time.

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  2. Somewhere there’s a balance between the fakeness of cheap grace and the fakeness of sentimental good old work ethic positivity. (It’s strange how alike those two opposite things look.) The Universe doesn’t care how hard I work, and I don’t believe I have any strength of my own to stand on. At any rate, I don’t know how to obtain the balance or what it looks like, but I think for me part of it is acknowledging that the Universe doesn’t owe me anything.

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    • Well in the absence of true proof for anything, including the concept that the universe may or may not have blinked into existence a second ago with all evidence of a past intact, and in the face of proof being a subjective concept that is filtered through our extremely limited processing capabilities/five senses…I’ll go with what gives me a placebo effect! LOL! 🙂


      • fair enough. But with that line of thinking, it would be hard to convince others that “magic” is real. To do that you would need to prove how closely it corresponds to reality

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