Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

I’m at a 5k race, supporting a friend.  I see a shirtless dude trailing in the back, out of shape and in over his head.  Thinking quickly, I toss him my eReader, open to Echo.  A blinding flash as he’s infused with the ideas of quantum tech, Zen themes, and cyber ninjas.  When I can see again, dude’s sprouted so many abs his stomach looks like some kind of weird crustacean underside.  He zooms to the finish line and I hear, “A new record!  5k in 10 minutes!”  Crowd goes wild.

Forget exercise.  Forget diet.  Want the abs?  Get Echo.  Buy Echo on Kindle here:  Echo on Kindle or here on other eReaders:  Echo on other eReaders.

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