Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

Going to sleep reading Echo.  I set my iPad aside.  Last thing I see is my dog staring intently at the glowing screen.  Next day I’m walking him through a busy intersection when a bus runs a red light, coming straight at me.  My dog leaps into the air, scruffs the back of my shirt, and yanks me into an aerial twist, paws thumping against a stopped car and twisting again, bleeding off the momentum.  He’s just saved my life.  I swear I hear him speak to me:  “Two-legger, you are a total and utter f**k story.”  But he doesn’t respond when I talk to him later.

Want your dog to become a talking super ninja?  Buy Echo on Amazon:  Echo on Amazon or on other eReaders:  Echo on other eReaders

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